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Fresh Produce 365’s goal was to create a reliable “local” source of lettuce and microgreens all year long. The Team has combined the best practices of growing technology, automation, and water conservation to design a sustainable indoor growing environment.

Fresh Produce 365 has created a repeatable and predictable system so distributors and customers can rely on product consistency, quality, freshness and taste. Fresh Produce 365 is 3rd party USDA GAP Certified and is actively expanding operations and selling fresh greens to local distributors.

Indoor Lettuce Cultivation

Fresh 365 has created the ideal environment for lettuce and leafy greens to thrive with a patent-pending process. By harnessing the power and efficiency of LED lights, controlling the environment, and minimizing water usage, weekly and monthly harvests are healthy and consistent. Indoor lettuce cultivation offers several advantages that traditional outdoor farming simply can’t match.

distributor partnerships

Fresh 365 is thriving to provide a consistent quality product for distributors and end customers. Our team works with distributor partnerships that are looking for the following

Consistent Supply

Fresh 365 provides a reliable source of produce to meet client demands, which may include restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses. We offer year-round stable supply, ensuring consistent products for distributors and end customers.

Quality Assurance

Our patent-pending controlled growing environment translates to premium quality greens that are visually appealing, crisp, and nutrient-dense. Such high-quality produce can command better prices in the market and more importantly, customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Environmental Sustainability

Indoor cultivation is more environmentally friendly than traditional farming. Reduced water usage, lower pesticide and herbicide requirements, and minimized transportation distances all contribute to a smaller ecological footprint.

Enhanced Flavor and Nutrition

Indoor-grown lettuce is often praised for its superior flavor, texture and nutritional content. These qualities can help distributors attract health-conscious consumers looking for the best in fresh produce.

Local Sourcing

Consumers and businesses increasingly favor locally sourced produce. Fresh 365 is offering indoor-grown lettuce as a fresh, local option, which is especially appealing to customers who value supporting local businesses.

Market Diversification

The flexibility of Fresh 365’s indoor growing system allows for the growth of unique and specialty lettuce varieties that may not be easily accessible in the traditional market. This can provide distributors with exciting, differentiated products to offer.

Fresh 365’s patent-pending indoor growing process is part of a green revolution that benefits growers, distributors, and consumers alike. This innovative approach ensures a year-round, consistent supply of high-quality lettuce while reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. With the demand for fresh, local, and sustainably grown produce on the rise, contact Fresh 365 today.

Join Us On Our Mission
Together, we can cultivate health, foster sustainability, and savor the joy of growing and enjoying fresh, locally grown greens. Fresh 365 is not just a company; its a passion, a commitment to better living, and a celebration of natures bounty. Thank you for being a part of our vision for a greener, healthier world.
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Quality Assurance

Quality is our top priority. We cultivate our greens under precisely controlled conditions, resulting in products that are consistently fresh, crisp, and bursting with flavor. Our commitment to using no harmful pesticides or chemicals guarantees that the greens we provide are safe for you and your loved ones.

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